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Raft and Stream Paradigm

The stream is a data structure that evaluates data when we need them. Below is a typical Python Stream.

from functools import lru_cache

class Stream:

    def __init__(self, head, restfn=None):
        self.head = head
        self.restfn = restfn

    def stopped(self):
        return self.restfn is None

    def rest …

Raft and Unreliable Network

The synchronization of the Raft states among nodes in the cluster imposes order on messages. However, the unreliable gears make the ordering very difficult. Sometimes, it plays like a thief stealing your data packets. Sometimes, it plays like a jerk swapping the order of data packets sending to a node …

Raft and The Nature of Time

The Raft consensus algorithm assumes nodes are in the vicinity, meaning they should be able to communicate very fast. Let's imagine the case of one node on Earth, one node on Mars, and one node on the Moon. It would take minutes for messages communicating between nodes and hence minutes …