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Dear my funders, there is a tremendous change on UI this week!

It's based on Pelican and theme Medius. Almost all old posts have been migrated into the new blog. Besides, I added Disqus comment widget and tagging system.

Below is a sample screenshot.

New Look

Any feedback, please let me know …


Dear my funders, here comes the new issue.

Two-Phase Locking. The 2PL is the basic algorithm in relational database.

Airbnb Architecture. It's quite interesting to outline the architecture of Airbnb without knowing too much details. Fortunately, the Airbnb engineering blog reveals a lot of information so that we can know …


Dear my funders,

This is the weekly newsletter on Enqueue Zero new posts. I'm trying to break down topics into small posts. The tiddlywiki has a nice feature that it can include some other notes into one note, for example, this is the raft topic that compiles from below three …


Dear my pledgers, here comes our new issue.

  • FFI. Foreign Function Interface is a bridging technology between VM languages and shared libraries. I wrote this post after a tough battle in implementing FFI in my previous educable scripting language ao. Besides, I introduced Grammarly to help improving grammar and verbals …


Hello everyone, two weeks passed. Now I bring all ya some new posts.

  • New 404 Page. I try to glue all potential topics into one posts and has integrated about 100 topics into it. I will grow it and make it as another kind of table of index.

  • Load. This …


Kia ora, my pledgers. Yet another great weekends. First thing first, let's count what we have this week:

  • Post: Back-pressure. Not much to say on this post. It's easy and short one. Very simple but powerful strategy to keep the system away from crashing.

  • Post: URL Dispatcher. I compared several …