What is Terraform?

Terraform is a tool for configuring and deploying your infrastructure in declarative code.

Why use Terraform?

  • As a Infrastructure-as-Code tool, Terraform lets you define and deploy infrastructure with ease.
  • Terraform is cloud platform agnostic and supports many cloud platform services in a consistent set a APIs.
  • Terraform lets you follow all kinds of code principles, for example, source version control, separation of code and config, etc.
  • The people in the community is nice.

How Terraform Works?

The terraform binary makes API calls on your behalf to one or more providers through their APIs. By running terraform apply, it convert code written in a customized programming language into a set of API requests. The cloud platforms should take over the cloud resource provision work and get your cloud infrastructure set up.

Create Terraform Workspace

For macOS users, you can install Terraform by Homebrew.

$ brew install terraform


Pulumi, https://www.pulumi.com/, delivers Cloud Native Infrastructure as Code on any cloud with real programming languages and a consistent programming model. It defines your infrastructure in JavaScript, Python, instead a declarative language.


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