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Kia ora! I am the creator of Enqueue Zero (https://enqueuezero.com), a site that explains code principles to Developers/DevOps/Sysadmins. This site is updated under a single man team since 2018.

I have written dozens of articles and thoughts on different topics. Apart from posts, I also maintain EnqueueZero-derived OSS projects. Enqueue Zero has become a very important part-time job for me. Besides, I want to run an ad-free website. It can't last long without your donation.

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Appreciate your donation on Patreon. It motivates myself to write more. And thanks for being my AWESOME reader!

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Q: I want to know more about XYZ. Where should I ask?
A: Create a GitHub Issue to me.

Q: I found something wrong. Where should I report?
A: Reporting via GitHub Issue or sending a pull request is fine.

Q: I just want a one-off donate. Is that doable?
A: Yes. Donate in Patreon and cancel at the next month. It's a little bit tricky but it works.


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